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STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment

STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment:


STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment

Price $ 28.36 Including Shipping

Suitable For:

Works with Gas, Diesel, 2-stroke & 4-stroke Engines

Whether it’s your car, truck, boat, lawnmower, snow blower, chainsaw, ATV or other motorized equipment, regular oil and fuel system care is important for engines used every day and for engines used less frequently.
For Engines in Storage

STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment does not contain water absorbing alcohol like other fuel stabilizers and helps prevent many of the negative side effects that can happen when engines sit idle for long periods of time.

Used regularly Helps:

Stabilize fuel, Fight rust build up in fuel tank, Prevent oxidative degradation in fuel, Fight tough cold starts, Prevent corrosion in the fuel line for Engines in Use. Great for the fuel system, Grankcase and intake,

STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment helps:

Clean engine deposits and fight friction
Clean fuel injectors and intake valves
Protect against viscosity build up
Protect against crankcase sludge
Prevent fuel line freeze by removing water
Provide upper cylinder lubrication

Usage Frequency:

Use regularly to protect and maintain all of your gas and diesel engines.


Gas, Diesel, 2-stroke & 4-stroke Engines (car, truck, boat, lawnmower, snow blower, chainsaw, ATV or other motorized equipment.)

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