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STP® Power Steering Fluid & stop leak

STP® Power Steering Fluid & stop leak:


STP® Power Steering Fluid & stop leak

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Protects against wear and saves fluid with a unique 2-in-1 formula.

STP® Power Steering Fluid & Stop Leak is specially formulated to stop or reduce fluid loss caused by seals which leak due to wear or shrinkage (not for use with broken or scored seals). One treatment helps stop most wear or shrinkage levels.* Can be used instead of regular power steering fluid as preventive maintenance. Compatible with all approved power steering fluids.

Used regularly Helps:

Revitalizes dried, hardened and shrunken seals with a special conditioner.
Helps protect against wear and pump breakdown.

Usage Frequency:

*To stop a leak or reduce fluid loss, use a minimum of 7oz. per 1 quart power steering system - see owner’s manual for capacity. Additional treatments may be needed.


With engine off, wipe power steering reservoir filler cap area clean and remove cap. Add STP® Power Steering Fluid to maintain specified level. Do not overfill.

If leak persists or increases after continued treatments, consult an auto mechanic.

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